Critical Care: What is it and Why Does It Matter?


When you think of a hospital, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the emergency room. But while the ER can provide critical care in certain situations, there’s another part of the hospital dedicated to providing even more specialized care.

That’s critical care, and it’s an important part of modern healthcare. Here’s what you need to know about this vital service, says Dr Jeremy Barnett, the Associate Professor at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine at NYIT.
What is Critical Care?
Critical care is a branch of healthcare that focuses on providing advanced medical treatment for severely ill or injured patients. This kind of care is provided in intensive-care units (ICUs) located in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

In an ICU, patients are monitored closely by a team of critical care specialists who are trained to handle life-threatening emergencies.

These specialists provide round-the-clock monitoring and support for their patients, helping them make sure they receive the best possible care during their stay in the ICU.
Why Does Critical Care Matter?
Critical care matters because it saves lives every day. Patients who require intensive medical monitoring often have no other option than to seek out specialized services from ICUs and critical care experts.

Without these kinds of services, many patients would not be able to get the quick and efficient treatment they need in order to survive their illnesses or injuries. By making these services available, critical care helps ensure that people get the help they need when they need it most.
Critical care matters because it gives patients access to advanced medical treatment when they need it most.

By providing round-the-clock monitoring and support from expert professionals, critical care ensures that those suffering from severe illnesses or injuries get the help they need as quickly as possible.

This can mean the difference between life and death for many people—which is why critical care services are so important! Click here Dr Jeremy Barnett to get information about health usnews.