David Woroboff brings his best knowledge and advice to various youth organizations around the country


David Woroboff is a computer engineer and business administrator with extensive experience developing virtual reality technology over the past decades. The field of medicine has been widely benefiting from such advances, thus allowing innovation and development of what is currently known as telemedicine.
As an expert in health care, it allows periodic follow-ups for health check-ups and consulting the reference doctor by phone in case of any symptoms are the main milestones to improve patient satisfaction and quality of health care.
David Woroboff as a specialist continues to develop new telehealth service schemes that can connect an individual healthcare provider or healthcare system with individuals. Telemedicine is a mode or type of care, not a specific care model.
Mr. David Woroboff gained notice after providing his best insights and advice to various youth organizations. He is a professional businessman and a great human being who helps thousands of young people today achieve his goals.

For those who cannot go to a medical center

There are multiple telerehabilitation models or ways of delivering physical therapy services outside of a care center offered by Mr. David Woroboff, which have been implemented nationwide. By allowing continuity of treatment and facilitating access from home, telerehabilitation encourages people to direct their long-term rehabilitation.
Offering remote physical therapy and medical education to patients, Mr. Woroboff says, will significantly improve accessibility for disadvantaged populations, such as patients who live far from healthcare facilities in rural communities. They are generally patients who cannot afford copays for outpatient physiotherapy or medical appointments.

Effective medical evaluation programs

According to David Woroboff, mental, behavioral, and neurodevelopmental health accounted for 25% of telemedicine charges. Behavioral health services, such as individual and group therapy, will be available around the clock via telemedicine.
Some modalities of remote physiotherapy consultation are the initial evaluation with a prospect of recovery, progress monitoring and continuous evaluation, and the design of training programs.