Impressive Results with iDigic’s Instagram Views


Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms, with millions of daily users. If used correctly, it can be a powerful tool to bring your business or personal brand to the next level. But what exactly does it take to get Instagram views from iDigic and make your posts go viral?

The truth is, it’s not just about posting high-quality content or using trending hashtags. Getting real Instagram views requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. In this article, we’ll discuss some practical tips to help you get more views and make your posts go viral.

1. Know your audience

One of the crucial steps in getting real Instagram views is understanding your audience and what motivates them to engage with your content. To do this, you need to identify your target market, their demographics, interests, and online behaviors.

After gaining insights about your audience, tailor your content to meet their needs. Ask yourself, what kind of content would they find most interesting? What motivates them to engage with my posts?

For instance, if your target audience is young and loves travel, share captivating photos of scenic destinations, and use relevant hashtags such as #TravelGram and #WanderLust. A tailored approach to your Instagram content helps you build a loyal following and increases your Instagram views in the long-term.

2. Use high-quality visuals

increase instagram views is a platform that’s highly visual, and good visuals not only grab attention but also encourage engagement. When creating content, ensure you use high-quality images or videos that are visually appealing, and of course, relevant to your niche.

You don’t need a professional camera to create high-quality visuals. Your smartphone camera can do a great job, or you can use stock images to supplement your content. Just remember to maintain the aspect ratio of your photos. Instagram recommends using images with a 1:1 aspect ratio (1080 x 1080 px) or a 4:5 aspect ratio (1080 x 1350 px).

3. Engage with your followers

Engagement is an essential component of getting real Instagram views. Make sure you take time to comment, like and reply to your followers’ comments. If someone engages with your post, take a moment to thank them. This shows them that you care about their support, and it also helps to grow your community.

When you engage with your followers, you strengthen your relationship with them, and this, in turn, motivates them to share your content with their friends, family, and followers.

4. Post at the right time

Posting at the right time is equally vital in getting real Instagram views. You need to post when your audience is most active and likely to engage with your content. Instagram’s algorithm uses engagement metrics to determine the relevance of your content, and the more engagement your posts receive within a short period, the higher your chances of making it to the explore page.

The best time to post depends on your audience’s time zone and online habits. Use Instagram Insights to view your followers’ activity peaks and schedules your posts around this time. You can also use scheduling tools to set up posts to go live at high-traffic times.

5. Leverage Instagram Ads

Instagram ads can be an excellent way to amplify your reach, and they are highly targeted, so you’re able to reach the right audience. With Instagram ads, you can showcase your products or services to a broader audience, even those who are not following you.

To get started with Instagram advertising, set clear objectives and use captivating visuals that capture your audience’s attention. Use Instagram’s targeting options to reach your desired audience demographics, interests, and behaviors. Instagram ads can be an effective way to get more views and make your posts go viral.

Growing your Instagram account and getting real Instagram views is not rocket science. It requires a strategic approach, consistency, and a willingness to learn and adapt. By knowing your audience, creating high-quality visuals, engaging with your followers, posting at the right time, and leveraging Instagram ads, you’re on the right path to exploding your views and making your posts go viral. Remember, always aim to create value for your audience, be authentic, and see the magic happen.