Riding A Bike Is The Best Ways To Get Exercise BY Marty Nothstein


Cycling helps build endurance, strength and flexibility in your muscles while burning calories at the same time.
It’s also an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that improves heart health making cycling an ideal way for people with diabetes or hypertension who cannot run due to health concerns should consider cycling instead because this form of exercise does not put as much strain on their joints as running does.
Cycling also has many mental benefits such as:
● Reducing stress levels by releasing endorphins into our brains which makes us feel happy
● Promoting better sleep quality throughout the night by lowering cortisol levels within 24 hours after exercising.
● Less anxiety throughout each day when working out regularly via riding bikes according to Marty Nothstein rather than lifting weights at home every morning before heading off into work
You Can Ride With Friends And Family
The best part about cycling with others is that it gives you an excuse to get out there on the road more often.
Even if they’re not riding at the same pace as you, they’ll still motivate each other by being in sight of one another so that neither person feels like they’re going too slow or too fast compared to their friends.
This will help keep both riders motivated throughout the workout session and maybe even inspire them to push harder than usual
You Can Do It Anywhere, Anytime
Cycling is a sport that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime:
● In the city?
● Check. Suburbs?
● Countryside?
Marty Nothstein can cycle alone or with friends, in the rain or sun, in shorts or a suit it’s up to you and cycling is also available at any time of day: early morning before work; midday when it’s too hot outside; late evening after dinner when you want to stay active but don’t feel like going for a run or even worse going home.
Cycling may seem intimidating at first because there are so many different types of bikes out there and they all look super complicated to ride, but once you learn how each type works then everything becomes much easier.