The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever



A classic riddle moves like this: A farmer must take a fox, a chicken, as well as a sack of corn across a river. He has a boat, but it are only able to in shape him and either the fox, the fowl, or maybe the corn. If he leaves the fox with the chicken breast, the fox will eat the poultry. If he foliage the chicken breast with the corn, the fowl will consume the corn. How exactly does he get the 3 across securely?

The solution to this riddles is very basic: The farmer will take the fox more than first, then returns for the chicken. He positions the chicken on his shoulder area and usually takes it more than. He then comes back to the corn and brings it above. And that’s it!

This might appear to be a bit of a letdown in the end that develop-up, but riddles like these are supposed to be resolved employing logic and thinking, not lateral contemplating and out-the-container considering. Quite simply, there’s usually just one single correct answer—and in this case, that answer is pretty straightforward.

Of course, if you’re still experiencing difficulty solving this type of riddle, there are many other comparable versions out there to try out your hands at before you choose one that’s just right for you. In the end, not all people enjoys dealing with riddles in the same way. So whether you like wordplay, numerical puzzles, or good old-created lateral considering, there’s certain as a brainteaser around that’s excellent for you. Happy solving!


Are you a fan of traditional brainteasers? Then set your problem-resolving capabilities towards the check with this particular vintage riddle with regards to a farmer, a fox, a chicken, as well as a sack of corn. Could you figure out how to get all 3 over the river safely? There’s merely one proper answer—but finding it could take some time to work. Try to remedy it!