The legislator D.J. Bettencourt works on the development of laws that respect and promote human rights


Power is one of the fundamental characteristics of political leaders is that when they are elected. A legitimate power to manage the resources of society. In addition, they can make decisions that will affect society. But what is the main motivation of politicians? Is it to perpetuate them in the chair of power as the only professional opportunity or to contribute to making the best decisions?
The legislator DJ Bettencourt works on the development of laws that respect and promote human and worker rights, peace agreements, a clean environment, management for reconciliation between conflicting peoples, true support for entrepreneurs and research, the improvement of the quality of life, reduction of inequalities, acts of service to society, and also economic growth.
Doctor D.J. Bettencourt indicates that leadership is not a static trait or characteristic that resides solely in the leader but a process that takes place over time, in which the leader, the citizens, and the situation in which leadership emerges.

A transparent professional

Political leaders must be aware of their strengths and areas for improvement, as well as how their actions affect the citizenry as a whole and their work team.
As a political leader, Doctor D.J. Bettencourt knows whom he collaborates with and who part of his team is. We have recently heard some politicians defending themselves against accusations that they did not know or were unaware of whom they were collaborating with. Transparency for Dr. Bettencourt is essential.

A leader who makes good decisions

For the legislator DJ Bettencourt a true leader, when making a decision, must consider opinions and perspectives different from his own. A political leader must surround himself with a good team that gives him an objective view of the facts to make better decisions since he cannot know everything.