What is a Thread Lift and How Does It Work?


A thread lift is a minimally invasive plastic treatment that can help to further improve the appearance of loose pores and skin about the face and neck. The process requires the application of okay, absorbable threads which can be placed within the pores and skin. Once into position, the threads are dragged limited to be able to lift your skin layer. In addition to supplying an immediate weightlifting impact, the threads also energize collagen generation, which helps to improve the look of the skin as time passes.

How Exactly Does a Thread Lift Work?

A thread lift (ร้อยไหม) can be a minimally intrusive beauty treatment which will help to improve the appearance of drooping skin about the face and neck. The treatment involves the use of fine, absorbable threads which are loaded underneath the pores and skin. Once in position, the threads are pulled tight as a way to elevate the facial skin. Along with supplying an instant picking up result, the threads also energize collagen creation, that helps to improve the look of your skin layer with time.

The Treatment

Throughout a thread lift procedure, your medical professional can make small cuts in your skin area. Through these cuts, they may then place slim threads created from absorbable substance such as polydioxanone or polylactic acid. The number of threads applied will depend on your particular goals for treatment method together with your doctor’s advice. Once the threads happen to be in spot, they will be drawn limited to have the specified lifting effect. Occasionally, your doctor could also safe the threads with knots to be able to further help your picked up skin area.

Recuperation & Effects

Healing coming from a thread lift is usually fairly simple and fast. Most people truly feel good enough to go back to their normal routines within only a few times after their process. Even so, it’s essential to prevent physically demanding activity or contact with sunlight during this period in order not hinder healing process. You should also rest with your head raised for a minimum of 1 week after the thread lift to be able to minimize irritation.